Valoare semnificativă a afacerii În prima săptămână a lunii iulie, news. O piață în creștere Jetoanele nefungibile NFT și grafica digitală s-au reunit, iar legătura dintre ele a crescut exponențial în ultimii ani.

The year surprised the crypto community with a sharp increase in meme coins. The Pepe Cash project was no exception, borrowing its likeness from the insanely popular meme, Pepe The Frog.

Pepe began its journey as a meme infirst appearing in an online comic series by Matt Furie.

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Over the decades, and many new additions, Pepe the Frog has become one of the most recognizable memes on the internet. Induring the election campaign in the United States, the meme circulated rapidly online.

Ce spune Pepe acolo? Furnici?

The global goal of Pepe Cash is to transfer meme-level assets into the cryptocurrency space. Rare Pepe cards are assets that have been developed using the Counterparty blockchain, and are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain inside BTC transactions. Users can buy and exchange digital artwork via the Pepe Cash platform.

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Who Are the Founders of Pepe Cash? It's rare pepe crypto trader creators of meme-coins to present themselves openly and voice names of team members.

In the case of Pepe Cash, the situation is no different: the developers work anonymously, but they actively maintain their Telegram channel. The target audience of the project are collectors, artists and, naturally, investors. The currency doesn't have a clear business strategy. Instead, the project develops chaotically and grows on its own. Surprisingly, such a frivolous concept can pay off.

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The Pepe Cash platform hosts weekly auctions, and users can easily find their first collectible wallet on the website. What Makes Pepe Cash Unique? Artworks are created on Counterparty, and each Pepe has a digital blockchain token, which opens up an pepe crypto trader for exchange.

Acquired Pepe Cash is a unique blockchain asset that is recorded on Bitcoin's ledger and stored on the blockchain in the form of transactions, with transaction hashes verifying authenticity. The Pepe Cash platform is a decentralized storage of Pepe the Frog memes and illustrations.

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Any picture can be assigned a timestamp of authorship. Furthermore, there also exists the Rare Pepe Foundation.

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The task of the organization is to estimate the cost of a meme, which directly depends on its rarity. What are CryptoKitties?

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The official website says that each week Pepe Cash sacrifices half or the earnings from submissions "to Kek for good luck", which makes PepeCash deflationary. You can gain Pepe Cash for free by submitting your own version of the meme starring Pepe the Frog.

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An artist decides how many copies there will be and places the certificates on the platform for sale. All memes are moderated; the system makes a note about authorship and rare Pepe art gets appraised at a higher price.

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Pepe Cash operates on the Counterparty blockchain platform which uses the Bitcoin blockchain. Encryption is carried out on the client side.

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Any personal information and passphrases remain in the user's browser, as well as transaction data which is collected in the client's browser and later sent to the Bitcoin network. Curious about the crypto space?

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